A lot of companies think of SEO as an afterthought when setting up their online business. But in reality, SEO should be the cornerstone of your website when you build it from the ground up. Here are 7 reasons why you should immediately implement SEO when starting a new online business:

1. SEO Puts You Ahead Of The Competition

You'll want to gain an edge over your competition the moment you launch your online business, and for this reason you'll need SEO. Online websites and businesses that don't have an SEO strategy will eventually fail because they can't be seen by their target audiences. Not having one is simply too risky, especially for a new online business struggling to catch up with big name brands.

If your industry is something that's slow to take advantage of modern technology and SEO, then you can easily place yourself at the top by implementing SEO before they do. The importance of having a strong online presence cannot be stressed enough, and the sooner you begin working on this, the better your company's chance of succeeding online.

2. SEO Is A Cost-Effective Solution

The whole idea of SEO is to "optimize" a website well enough so that it will be seen on the first page of Google's search engine.

Let's say you're an SEO company based in Chicago, Illinois, and you want to be seen on the first result. You'll want to be on top when people enter "SEO Illinois" in Google search, so you implement SEO strategies to compete with other Illinois-based SEO companies trying to get to the top of the search pages. SEO requires a bit of research and content that has the necessary keywords in it. Spending budget on SEO is far better than having to go through the traditional advertising routes. You can even start doing SEO yourself by researching what keywords your competitors and customers are using, then putting them on your own website.

3. SEO Increases Your Brand Credibility

You finally achieve the top rank in Google's search engine. Is that all there is to do in SEO?

The answer is no. Being on first means you are a business to be trusted. People usually only click on the first or the second search result when they ask Google for something. When they find what they're looking for, they stop there. So you'll need to be the website that provides helpful and informative content to your audience.

Use keyword-rich content to get to a high rank, then keep it that way by showing your visitors that you are to be trusted. Increase your credibility by putting out regular content and showing success indicators. Add the awards, testimonials and recognition the moment you get them. Remember that more trust equals more customers.

4. SEO Gets You Online Traffic

You may have a breakthrough product, the best espresso this side of Los Angeles or an idea that might change the world, but it will not be successful if no one sees it. Traffic is the number of online visitors that pass by your website each day. Your new online business will need exposure if you want to be successful. It goes without saying that traffic equals potential sales, more revenue and more growth.

Acquiring any kind of traffic won't do- you should attract the traffic that's interested in your product or service. You can do this if you work on the keywords your target customers use and implement them in your website. Add helpful content to show them that you're the go-to expert in your industry.

5. SEO Gives You Great Mobile And Local Presences

Businesses should use SEO in order to get the millions of people using their mobile devices and tablets each day. The whole world has gone mobile- more than 50 percent of all internet users use their smart phone to look up local services and online products.

It's simply unthinkable to not try and tap into that massive customer base potential when setting up your new online business. SEO will make your website appear on local searches, increasing the chances that the individual will visit your shop and buy your product. It's a must for location-based businesses, because they get great exposure and therefore, more brand popularity.

6. SEO Gives You Excellent ROI

SEO is an excellent tool you can use to increase your ROI. A better ROI means you stand to gain more profit for what you do. The great part in SEO is that it's not a one-trick pony. Everything you do in relation to SEO will reap you rewards long after you've put the strategy in. Check out our SEO pricing packages in Australia.

It's a domino effect- you use SEO to get high up on Google's search engine. People click on your website because you're the first in the search results. The more visitors you have, the more chances you'll gain a new customer. New customers equal more profits. Profits equal success. All of that can be done with minimal costs, but the return of investment will be far better than you'll ever imagine.

7. SEO Gives You Important Statistics

SEO gives you some very important yardsticks that directly relate to your online business' success- your website's ranking, the number of traffic passing through, and your conversion rate. Focusing on improving these 3 will spell out success and profit in the end.

You can improve ranking by knowing which keywords are more effective than the others in acquiring traffic. Popular keywords change, and knowing which ones are being used will get you the traffic you need. Conversion is when you have your visitor making a desirable action, such as signing up for your newsletter, filling up a form or buying your product or service. These data are very important for any online business. It helps in determining whether or not your SEO campaign is working, and what needs to be adjusted.

As long as Google and other major search engines dominate the web, SEO is here to stay. Businesses, especially new ones should pick up the cue and optimize their website to gain greater exposure on the internet. There's no reason not to do SEO, simply because it's too important an aspect to ignore. Success will follow your footsteps as long as your online business is on the right SEO path.